The old saying "A joke is a serious thing" is the perfect way to describe Wally Johnson's style of comedy. Influenced by greats like Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, George Lopez and Dave Chappelle, Wally has the unique ability to make you laugh and reflect on life issues at the same time. Described as a "political hip hop comedian", he is absolutely fearless when speaking his mind. With the stage presence of a rock star and fierce delivery, it is impossible to ignore Wally Johnson once he enters the stage! Still, with his sometimes aggressive and energetic approach on stage, he makes it clear that he comes with a message of peace, love and understanding.

While pursuing his goal to become one of the greatest in his profession, he is also aspiring to get his TV-show "Alla Vägar Leder till Malmö" (All Roads Lead to Malmö) picked up and show the world his acting, writing and directing skills.

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